Table for one, please

I’ve gotten into the habit lately of spending bits of my free time scouring the web for great food blogs, finding intriguing recipes, picking up the bits and pieces that I don’t have in my cupboard on the cycle home and then luxuriously cooking for the whole evening. It’s unbelievably relaxing, in fact; I’m often spending my whole days looking forward to a few hours spent in the kitchen.

The blog that started it was Manger, a beautiful food page run by and documenting the incredible life of the wonderful Mimi Thorisson. This week I’ve found a couple more, and some wonderful recipes on them; The First Mess, with a fantastic roasted butternut and rocket orecciette, and Palate/Palette/Plate, with an incredible savory carrot cake. The latter is served with an almost life-changing mix of soft goats cheese and honey, augmented with almond milk to make it a bit runnier, and might be one of the most delicious things I’ve ever come across or made (I actually added about a teaspoon of garam masala to the recipe, it’s definitely worth trying if you fancy a little sweet spice to it; it comes through brilliantly).

The butternut dish was a total bulls-eye too, although I had to substitute orecciette for gigli pasta. I served both (to myself, I might add) with a side of asparagus from the amazing grocer round the corner, fried softly with smoked bacon and onions, and dressed with red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard.

So, yes, I’ve been cooking since I got home, and yes, I’m eating this alone, but I feel like I’ve rather outdone myself tonight.

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